Monday, November 23, 2015

Auther's POV .

Many animals have different responsibilities like feeding them, cleaning after them. We have to protect them and treat them like their one of us (human). We have to give love to them. Show them right from wrong like our parents do with us.

The author's point of view :"Shamu" -  The orca's shouldn't be kept in tanks .

Give three pieces of evidence to support your answer: The Shamu articles says, "he wants a law that would keep orcas from giving birth to baby whales in tanks." , "Orcas are used to swimming in big areas. Confining them in tanks can change their behavior." , "Schiff said that orcas do not do well in tanks."

The author's point of view: Endangered - The orcas should stay in the tanks because it's not mistreating them.

Give three pieces of evidence to support your answer: The Endangered article says, "NOAA said that keeping an orca in an aquarium is not necessarily mistreatment." "NOAA officials said on wednesday that holding an animal captive is not, in and of itself, mistreatment." "NOAA Fisheries said their decision does not address wheather Lolita should be released from the Seaquarium."

How do the two authors distinguish their points of view from each other: Because the author from "Shamu" tells us readers why keeping the killer whales in tanks isn't good for them and also gives peoples opinions on this; but the author for "Endangered" tells us what other people opinions are on keeping the whales in tanks. Both authors have different points/opinions.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Exciting Moment .

The exciting moment in my book, Avengers, was when seven guys that worked for Mysterio came into the factory building. The workers for Mysterio broke in just to find out where the location of the cameras and the Avengers armer was. They had guns, and they were buff. Then, Iron Man and Captain America came in and started beating them up, but they couldn't take all of them. A few moments later, the bad guys felt something around them but couldn't see anything. It was the Invisible Women. She took down four of them; Iron Man and Captain America took down the rest

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sensory Language .

See : "Manny saw nothing but darkness."
Smelled : "Manny smelled the lobster in the restaurant."
Hear : "Manny heard the horror audience behind him yelling!"

Comment : The sensory language made me imagine that I was there in the restaurant. It gave more excitement to the setting.