Monday, December 14, 2015

Topic Main + Main Idea

Topic: The reaction to Paris attack compared to the Kenya Attack.

Main idea1: The article was the way that many people found out about the Kenya attack
Main idea 2: Some deaths seem to matter more to us than others.
Main idea 3: Care about when terrible things happen to places that feel close.
Main idea 4: It is the closeness to Paris that made so many Americans express their sadness on social media.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Author's POV + Purpose

The author's point of view is treat all terrorist attack the same.

•First Evidence : "Not many Americans have traveled to Kenya or Beirut. For that reason it is understandable that Americans did not react as much to the killing in those places. However, that does not mean it is right for us to care less."

•Second Evidence : "It does not matter that we do not have vacation photos taken in Kenya or Beirut, we do not get to ignore the horrible killing in those places."

•Third Evidence : "The attack in Kenya was just as terrible as what happened in Paris. Fighters killed students and others at Kenya's Garissa University College. Yet back in April there was almost nothing about it on Facebook and Twitter. There was no outpouring of sadness and support, as there was for Paris."

I agree with the author's point of view, because we cared and reacted right away about the attack in Paris but didn't react about the attack in Kenya after 7 months. I feel like it's racist. And we should care about any attack that happens in the world.

The author's purpose is to inform the reader, that why did Paris get all the attention, many people overlaid their profile picture with red, white and blue of the flag of Paris. And Kenya didn't get attention after 7 months after several people found the article on the attack and passed the article on to other people.