Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Title: "No" article Miley Cyrus

Paragraph 1

Step 1: Notes :
1. Goal isn't to sell records
2. Fans rooms filled with Miley
3. Fans copy her style (fashion)

Step 2: Paraphrase Paragraph:
Fans buying records isn't Miley's plan. Fans bedroom are covered with Miley poster. And because the fans obsession with her they also dress like Miley.

Paragraph 2

Step 1: Notes
know Miley as Hannah Montana
Faced problems
Now an adult entertainer

Step 2: Paraphrase Paragraph

Miley is well remembered as Hannah Montana. But as "Hannah Montana" got older she didn't want to be forgotten like other teen celebrities. So "Hannah" just became Miley Cyrus the adult entertainer.

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