Friday, May 12, 2017

Post #8

In my book Rain it's a first person story. Rose is the one telling her story. She's telling us her point of view about when her dad found the dog to when she lost the dog in the storm and how she found the dog. She's telling us what is going through her head and what she is doing to find her dog. And how her father wasn't supportive. The tone in my story is sad. Rose is sad at home and at school. The only time when she isn't sad is when she is with her uncle or rain (her dog). The emotions she shows in the story is telling us how she feels about her dad not understanding her and how she has hard times at school. She uses strong words.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

blog post 7

Well in my book the main character Rose has a dog named Rain (Reign). Rose's father found rain on a rainy day. So on another day there was a storm and rose's father let rain out and rain got lost, they soon found her in a shelter. But it turned out rain had her owners. So rose cant keep rain. I can relate to this because once I had a dog and it ran away and we looked every where for him but another family found him but we had the dog microchipped so we located where he was. It was the same thing that happened to rose. But at the end we found our dog.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Blog post 1

"In the game of life
Your family is the court
And the ball is your heart.
No matter how good you are,
No matter how down you get,
Always leave
Your heart
On the court." - page 20
I play soccer and when you're on the field you don't worry about anything else. You have to really love it to enjoy playing it. It's a passion. You leave your heart on the field.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Blog post #3

The book: Crossover
Why did Josh's dad give him "Filthy McNasty" as his nickname?
Did he really get that nickname because he doesn't clean?
Is Jordan Bell really his twin brother?
Why is Jordan so obsessed with MJ?
Why doesn't josh like being called fresh and sweet?